Downtown Edmonton is going through a revitalization, which makes it a very exciting time to live in the city. With new developments, beautification, and many other projects on the go, we have gathered a list of what’s going on and how it might affect you.

Ice District

The Ice District is a whopping 25 acres of land located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. This new development is expected to house one of the best arenas in the world, new hotels, upscale residences, and bring in more entertainment. Features of the Ice District include:

  • Roger’s Place – a new arena with seating for over 18,000 people for events including musical entertainment and hockey games.
    • Cost: $480 million
    • Construction to be finished in the fall of 2016 – just in time for the next NHL season!
  • Wintergarden – this space, spanning over 24,000 square feet, is the primary entrance for Roger’s Place, but is also a space that will be used for different events throughout the year. It will be built atop a pedway, making it easy for people to access the Ice District and to catch the new LRT connection in the area.
    • Wintergarden Cost: $56.5 million
    • Medway Cost: $15 million
    • LRT Connection Cost: $7 million
  • Community Arena – A new community arena in the Ice District will be a space rented to community leagues for hockey games, used as a space for the MacEwan University Hockey Teams, and will be the ice the Oilers will practice on.
    • Cost: $23 million
  • Stantec Building – Stantec is designing and engineering the tallest building in Edmonton – around 250 metres tall. It is going to be Canada’s seventh tallest building, and will have space for retail and grocery shopping, a connecting pedway, and a rooftop garden. There will also be residential space – within the top 36 floors there will be about 450 condos.
    • Construction is to be completed in 2017.
    • Cost: Approximately $500 million
  • Edmonton Tower – Primarily an office space which will be about 27 storeys high, it will also hold common space, conference rooms, a café, and a bank. This tower will be built to meet a LEED gold standard – a step toward creating more sustainable developments.
    • Construction to be completed in 2016
  • Residences, Shopping, and More – Aside from the main attractions, there will be a new luxury hotel, over 1,300 residential units, office towers, and space for boutiques and restaurants.

Royal Alberta Museum – on the Northwest corner of 103A Ave and 97 Street

The new and improved Royal Alberta Museum will be a larger space (about twice the size of the original) to host even more artifacts and an exhibition hall which will house touring exhibitions from a variety of different museums. It will not only be a museum space, but a spot for community events, new programs, a café and a theatre. The new museum is being built on the former site of the downtown Canada Post building.

  • Cost of the new Royal Alberta Museum: $340.5 million
  • Construction to be completed some time in 2016

Blatchford Redevelopment Project
Close to downtown on the site of the old city airport, will be the community of Blatchford. It will house up to 30,000 people, with 20% being affordable housing, and will be a perfect space for transit.
Blatchford aims to stay “green” with urban agriculture plots and will use 100% renewable energy.
this development carries a $632-million price tag phased over 25 years and will house up to 30,000 people.

  • Housing will be medium-density residential, with high density residential being close to future LRT stations.
  • Included in the plan are schools, shops, and restaurants, as well as walking and bicycle routes connected to various trails within the city.

104th Avenue Corridor Plan
Between 111th Street and 123rd Street, 104th Ave will be developed into a more transit-oriented space with easy access to the Valley LRT line. Developing this space will encourage more people to take transit throughout Edmonton and reduce the number of motor of vehicles that pass through on a daily basis.


Mechanized River Valley Access

The new River Valley access is a new development which will allow easier connection from downtown to the River Valley. There are several main aspects to the new connection:

  • The Promontory – This is the top landing which contains a covered canopy, and is also the entrance or landing to the funicular, and as you wait for the funicular you can take in the incredible scenery near the Hotel MacDonald.
  • The Stairs – These stairs are designed for more than just walking, with wide lanes they are meant for strolling, leisurely stopping to take in the view, and socializing at one of the many stopping points on the route.
  • The Funicular – Creating a more convenient way to get downtown for people with bikes, wheelchairs, strollers, and trailers, the funicular is one of the most exciting parts of this renovation. Surrounded by glass, people who take the funicular will have an incredible view of the River Valley as they descend from the landing point into the valley.
  • The Promenade – The landing at the bottom of the steps and funicular will lead into a lush, green space made for enjoying the natural surroundings.
  • The Bridge and Lookout – There will be a bridge attaching the promenade to the lookout, and will also be a great way for passerby’s to pass over Grierson Hill Road. A lookout on the bridge will be created with grass railings in order to enjoy the scenery of both the river and the downtown horizon.
  • The Elevator – Creating a hassle-free connection to the river valley, the elevator will link the Mechanized River Valley Access to the current valley trails. It will also connect to the Low Level Bridge as well as the Rosedale/River Crossing space.


So that’s what’s happening in downtown Edmonton! With city enhancements and residential areas being developed, purchasing property near the area is a great idea! The value of property will only increase as the area is upgraded. Have questions about purchasing in a developing area? Let’s Chat!

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