Part of my job as a realtor is looking out for your best interests.

When it comes time to put your home up for sale, I will make sure that your house looks its absolute best. Especially when it’s time for photographs. I think most would agree that first impressions matter, and that is no different when you see a home for the very first time. However, notice I did say MOST. Seems that not everyone got the memo.

As these following photographs will illustrate, bad choices were made. But, at the very least, we can sit back and laugh at the failures of others. So, without further ado, here are five examples of what NOT to do when staging your home!

The Walls Have Eyes

You know when you wake up and you feel like someone is watching you? Well, this room is guaranteed to make you feel like you are being watched. All. Of. The. Time. Nothing says cozy and tranquil like faces nailed to the wall. To quote Ariana Grande,“Thank you, next.”

Under My Umbrella

I am all for improvising. This, however, is taking “use what you have” to a whole new level. I am certain the roof will keep you shaded from the sun, and protected from the rain. So, the umbrella is a bit much. And, if opening a personal umbrella indoors brings bad luck, how many years does this particular decor choice set you back?

Dizzy Decor

A well placed, and tasteful wallpaper can be a lovely statement to a room. This, however, misses the mark. The mismatched assortment of patterns is enough to make you dizzy. Quick tip! There’s no need to use every pattern you own in one, incredibly small, space. Spread the love, people. Our eyes will thank you.

Bear Hugs Aren’t For Everyone

Personal touches, and individual style are what make your house a home. However, in terms of specific choices, such as a gigantic bear on your wall, it’s a good idea to remove these items when selling. As much as I love a good hug, I’m not sure I’d like to wake up to this fella every morning.

Dive In

Pools should paint the picture of an oasis. They should not, however, make you want to take out your lawn mower. Let’s just say, I don’t think most of us are imagining lounging in the grassy sludge, sipping our favourite cocktail.

So, folks, there you go. Whatever you do, don’t be like these people.

Have you been witness to staging fails? I’d love to see if you have!

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