The time has come. You have found your new home, and now the task of packing up all of your belongings begins. While this is not the most enjoyable part about moving, there are ways to make the process less overwhelming. Here are my top six tips to help reduce the stress during a move.

Get Organized

Now is not the time to fly by the seat of your pants! Make a list, and check it twice. By writing down what needs to be done, you can feel the satisfaction of crossing items off of your list. Divide tasks up by family members, time frames, and set due dates so that you can stay on top of everything that needs to be done.

One Room at a Time

By tackling one room at a time, you are less likely to become overwhelmed. If you attempt to pack the whole house at once, there is a greater likelihood that items will get misplaced, and it will become incredibly stressful. Ensure you pack all of the items from each room in separate boxes, and label everything. This way, you will know exactly what box belongs to each room, making unpacking much easier as well.

Get Your Purge On

Those sweaters that have been in the back of your closet for years? Pitch them! Those toys that your kids haven’t played with in ages! Say, “adios!” Moving is a great time to start with a clean slate. And, since you are already going through all of your items, you may as well get rid of those that are no longer needed while you’re at it. This also means less stuff to clutter up your new home, and much less to unpack. It’s a win win situation!


It can be hard to ask for help. But, most people have been through a move, and understand how stressful it can be. Ask friends and family to lend a hand, even for a few hours to help you sort, pack, or clean. You can usually enlist a group of people with some cold beverages, and pizza. And, if you are moving far away, this is an opportunity to spend some extra time together.

Pack Essentials Separately

The fist few days in your new home can be hectic. Pack a small bag for each family member that includes essentials like pyjamas, extra clothes, toiletries, and any comforting items for kids (and adults) that are easily accessible. At the end of a long moving day, the last thing you’ll want to do is dig through boxes! Also, set aside a box for the first morning. This can include the coffee maker, toaster, and a few dishes to make your first morning run smoother.

Remember to Breathe

Take a minute for yourself. Even if that means sitting, and enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the morning before you start packing. Another good idea is to plan a fun date or family night to get a break, and recharge your batteries. You got this!

While it can be overwhelming, and may take some getting used to, your new home is waiting for you. New memories await and soon all of your hard work, and packing will be long forgotten.

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