I really do love Real Estate, but moving to a tropical Island and living beach side in a cozy beach hut, just may have crossed my mind once or twice! I bet this same fantasy, or very similar, has crossed many other minds as well! Who wouldn’t want to live beach side with the ocean as their view every morning and night and the ability to swim and watch the sunset at your own free will!

This magnificent home reinterprets traditional building materials and uses unique materials including corrugated metal, fiber-cement sheeting, and timber. Large windows and sliding floor-to-ceiling glass doors frame views and carefully oriented to bring in natural light and cooling sea breezes for natural cross ventilation. This home even has natural ventilation, a large north facing deck that is partly shaded by the roof overhang, and a solar design with sustainable materials!

What a perfect little beach hut inspired home in Australia! Take a look at this fantastic beach home design below:

Solar Beach House