No, you read correctly! That did say a town is giving homes away, for real! It is hard to believe that there is a town anywhere in the world that would be giving away, and selling extremely below the market price, to home buyers and property bargain hunters! If you have every dreamed of having your very own Sicilian escape, now is the time to act. The tiny town of Gangi in Sicily could make that dream come true for a few hundred people!

Gangi has fallen victim to the same fate as many other small towns across Europe, emigration. Not only had Gangi been shrinking for many years, in the late 1800’s a number of the towns inhabitants emigrated from Sicily to America. In a 32 year span, starting in 1892, 1,700 residents emigrated to New York which, at that time, was a decent amount of people. Today’s population is lays around 7,000 residents.

Interestingly more, the houses found in Gangi have an very unique design to them! These three-story structures are called pagglialore,  and were designed to once house donkeys on the ground floor, chickens and goats on the middle level, and the farmer’s family would be on the top floor. The many years of exodus lefts these building in bad condition and in need of repair and renovation. That is why the mayor of Gangi is selecting potential new residents based on specific criteria, specifically compliance to renovate the building right away once you take possession. This is based on an interview process of all candidates. There is a long waiting list for the remaining 200 properties in Gangi, so don’t wait if you want to be included!

The town of Gangi is hoping to bring people to the interior of Italy and allow them and the world to begin to see just how spectacular Sicily, and Gangi, can be once again!

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Sicilian Town Giving Away Homes – Literally!


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