In early April I got a call from a dear friend of mine, he and his brother were living in a two bedroom, two bathroom condo right on Saskatchewan Drive owned by their parents, Eileen and Paul* (names have been changed for privacy). They had bought it as an investment for their kids a couple years ago.

The parents, my clients, no longer had use for the condo as both brothers were moving out of town for work and since they lived about two hours outside of Edmonton they did not want to keep it as a rental property.

Since Eileen and Paul lived out of town, my first step was to arranged a time with the two brothers to come take a look at the condominium. I wanted to have a good sense of the property with a current comparative market analysis to show my clients when they made the drive in to town.

Once that was done I met Eileen and Paul at my office and together we went over the market analysis, agreeing on a listing price. We then discussed the entire home selling process from front to back but more importantly, we discussed how this transaction will work with them living so far away. The process was completely laid out, concise, and we began right away!

Once the paperwork was signed I immediately got my favourite cleaning company in to the listing to make sure it showed 110% before we put it on the market! I personally met with the cleaning company to give them the spare key and off they went!

The next day the photographer and I went to the listing to get some professional photos of the home for our listing on REALTOR.CA (aka I have a professional take photos of all my listings to make sure they are shown in their best light!

Once the listing was on the market the showings started almost immediately. About three weeks on the market we received an offer. I called my clients immediately and we went over the offer to purchase together. We came to an agreement and I sent off the paperwork to have it signed, but only after all questions and concerns were handled.



When you are selling a condo it is your responsibilities as the home owner to supply the buyer with the condominium documents – these are purchased from your condo management company. Prices vary but I have seen them as low as $150 and as high as $1,200.

Often the process of ordering, paying, and then picking up the condo documents can be tricky as each management company has a different process, business hours, and fee structure. For this transaction I personally ordered, paid (clients reimbursed me), and picked up and delivered the documents to the buyer. This ensured it was done on time, making the deal go that much smoother.

Next thing we knew the buyers were removing conditions and the unit was sold!

My clients and I were ecstatic.

Eileen and Paul made one last trip to the city to make sure the unit was cleaned out and in good shape for the new owners.

I got a lovely phone call from my sellers the day after the home sold. They were singing me praises and letting me know how effortless this transaction was. I knew I had done everything I could to make this transaction seamless and was happy to hear the clients felt the same!



Actual Clients Testimonial:
We live out of the city and were dreading trying to sell our Edmonton condominium. Nichola made selling our condo easy and relatively effortless! She even arranged cleaning of our unit. Thank you Nichola!”
– Eileen & Paul*


My extensive database is forever growing but here are some of the contacts I used for this deal to make it a dream for my out of town clients:

  • House Cleaners
  • Professional photographers
  • Condo Management Companies
  • Lawyers