Our pets are an extremely important part of our family. Our furry friends need to be fed, given love and attention, and you have to watch them to make sure they aren’t getting into trouble. Which honestly, with their energy, might seem impossible. Worry not! Because we’ve got some tips to help you pet-proof your home.


The best way to keep your pet out of the kitchen is to teach them not to go into it. If you’ve got a fairly stubborn cat, this most likely won’t work, but it’s definitely worth a shot! Invest in childproof latches to keep curious paws away from opening the cabinets. This can be harmful to an animal, especially if you keep any cleaning solutions in the bottom cupboards. If you don’t want to spend the money on latches, then move any harmful chemicals and cleaners to higher shelves. While this will prevent dogs from getting into the liquids, cats will jump on a counter and snoop around, so it’s best to keep these behind closed doors. You should also buy a trashcan that has a lid which is hard to open, otherwise you may find last night’s leftovers all over the floor.

Living Room

If your television suddenly stops working, there’s a possibility that your pet has chewed right through the cord. Try to keep electrical cords tucked away, whether you do this by pushing your television further back or protecting it with tape. It’s also not a bad idea to buy some covers to go on your couch and chairs, as your pet can ruin your furniture. These covers can keep hair from sticking on your furniture, as well as prevent your fur babies from scratching holes into it with their nails. Above all else, if you are a plant person and like to decorate your home with plants, there are household plants that are poisonous to animals. For more information on what plants are dangerous for animals, please visit ASPCA.


You know that pair of runners that you absolutely love? You should definitely make sure they’re put away. While dogs are known to chew on shoes, cats have no problem pulling out the laces. This can become an issue if it’s accidentally swallowed. The same goes for clothing that has drawstrings orbuttons. These can be considered choking hazards for your pet. However, while there are several items your pet can get a hold of in the bedroom that could cause them harm, one thing you need to watch out for is where your cat is. You don’t want to accidentally shut them into one of your drawers or even the closet.


For whatever reason, the toilet is a fascinating water dish that both cats and dogs love. While we may think it’s pretty gross, they don’t seem to mind. It’s certainly not the worst thing they could be doing in the bathroom, and the fix is easy: remember to close the lid. You may also want to keep a trashcan with a lid in the bathroom, particularly since your pet will shred any toilet paper or makeup wipes that are left in it. As with the kitchen, chemicals found in the bathroom can be harmful, this includes your shampoo! Keep these out of reach and your pet will be safe. Another thing to look out for is curious kittens crawling into your laundry machine. Since the dryer tends to be a warm place, cats have no issue with curling up inside. Before you dry your clothes, double check to make sure no four-legged friend is snoozing inside.

And, finally, no matter where you are in the house, you should be prepared for some accidents. Especially when you’re raising a puppy. It’s incredibly easy to just lay down some pads designed to save your floors from little washroom breaks.

What are some of your favourite pet-proofing hacks? Let us know!

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