You may be sitting in front of your TV one evening, watching your favourite show, and it occurs to you, is this what my home would have looked like if I lived in the 1970’s? Have homes changed? How much have they changed? All things you may sit and ponder with the irritating sound of background noise from the predictably annoying commercials ruining the drama of your show!

Have homes changed you asked? Well I can comfortably inform you that yes, homes have certainly changed since the 1970’s and changed in a large way I might add! Homes are bigger than ever in the last four decades, and have grown outwardly as well. Not only has our modern day family home changed in the obvious styling, fashion and decor, there are also some behind the scenes things that did a swap out too.

Did you know that in the 1970’s there was not any air conditioning in homes or even fireplaces like we know them today! Lots of things have been changed from the exterior of the home to the interior of the home. Another good example would be throwing out electric heating and opting for gas, which we are all very familiar with these days. But again, the biggest point that seems to be driven home is how the comfortable and modest homes of the 1970’s have slowly morphed into mini-mansions!



Homes on average are 56% larger than they were 40 years ago!

Homes on average are 1000 sq ft larger than they were 40 years ago!

Homes on average are $205,000 MORE than they were 20 years ago!


It is very interesting to think just how far the design and layout of our homes have come in the last 40 years, for both the positive and the negative of things. It is even more crazy to think about where our modern family home might go in the future too. What it may evolve into!


For now check out the article below! You can find a very neat time lapse video done by CNN!

How our Homes have Changed Since the 1970’s



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