We have all seen one version or another of these uniquely painted houses somewhere in the world, either near our own home or perhaps on vacation in another country. But when we see them, they always catch our eye right away for obvious reasons. These houses stand out from the crowd! They are very different than all of the houses around them and most people just can’t help but stare at its total uniqueness!

Sometimes homeowners paint their houses bright colours for fun, as well, some places of the world (mostly tropical beach locations like Thailand or Costa Rica) have their houses naturally painted bright, happy colours to make their beach tourist attraction much more appealing to the eye. But sometimes the motivation for painting their houses is for a different reason all together. Sometimes homeowners want to make a bold statement so they paint their homes odd colours, but mostly spiteful painting is about revenge! Spiteful paint jobs are a common way for people to get back at strict city ordinances, historical commissions, homeowners’ associations, bigoted neighbours and even banks. That’s a lot of spiteful reasons to paint your home for revenge but some of the interesting paint jobs you will find in the article below have great stories behind them. Keep in mind that in some cases, the spiteful revenge job on the house is not always paint, it can also be an abundance of lawn ornaments that literally take over the homeowners lawn and to most people would be considered unnecessary. I mean how does one cut your grass if it is covered in ornaments. But it’s not just painting the home that can show revenge, homeowners get creative!


Check out the link below of 10 houses painted in protest!

10 Houses Painted in Protest


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