It’s a new year and like a fresh coat of paint we have a clean slate as we set out to make resolutions! Like many of you, I made 4 resolutions for this upcoming year.



1.  My physical activity always takes a back burner to the many other things I do, having focus will keep me healthy. Staying active will increase my stamina and vitality so that I can physically do the things I need to while I’m working to sell a house or find the perfect home. I love yoga, skating and walking in the River Valley is one of the reasons I love the city so much! I need to take advantage of all the outdoor activities more and this year I pledge to!



2.  My home is my castle and I want it uncluttered, to ensure that the items in it are the treasures that I need. So this year I want to rein in that impulse to go into HomeSense or browse through Wayfair and buy each beautiful thing!  … Something I think I would love only to discover that it doesn’t really fit and that I don’t have a place for it. It’s important for me to stay current but no more impulse shopping and that goes for the closet too!



3.  The people in my life. You guys; my friends, my family, my clients you are all so very important to me. You make my world go round! This year I am hosting more events to show my gratitude. This year, I’d love to do the annual open house with open bar, but I also want to do some gatherings with a family-friendly vibe. Watch your inboxes for my invites! This is not just about my family and friends, so remember your invite has a +1, or more.  Bring your family and friends, the more the merrier!



4.  A well-rounded life includes each of these areas, health, home, people, and now business. For business, you need to consistently move forward, set the bar a little higher and the finish line a little further away. I have a big, ostentatious goal! I’m going to sell 1 house every week! Last year I sold one every 8 days, make no mistake I know that is going to make me a busy lady, but I’m up to the challenge.



Each resolution I set this year is interconnected. By staying active walking the dog I won’t be out shopping, and the more activities I do the more people I meet which leads to a bigger party. Houses and parties just go together!  The more people you meet the more personal and business relationships you create.  I am sure setting goals in each of these areas is going to help me create a great and balanced life.



How about you? Did you set goals for 2019?

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