With the cooler temperatures likely here to stay, most of us will start to seek refuge in our warm and cozy homes. With that, comes a higher electricity bill as we attempt to stay comfortable during the winter months. While the freezing temperatures are a part of Alberta winters, there are a few tips you can follow in order to help you save energy and money. Following these simple tips also helps us to do our part for the environment.

Locate Leaks

To ensure the heat you are pumping into your home stays where it should, it’s important to make sure that you apply a sealant or caulking around all of your windows, doorframes and other spaces where warm air can escape. During a windy day, feel around your windows, electrical outlets, vents, and doors. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure you fill those spaces appropriately. If your windows feel drafty, and it’s not in your budget to replace them, adding plastic window covering will help prevent heat loss.

Use A Rug

Adding a decorative area rug serves many purposes. Not only do they look lovely in your space, while adding a sense of comfort and coziness, but area rugs also help keep you warm and toasty. Using a rug will not only help insulate your floors, but it also cuts down on noise.

Check Your Furnace

Make sure that your furnace is in tiptop shape. When your furnace is running at top efficiency, it uses less energy, which means it costs less to operate. Clean or replace your filter every one to two months. When your filter gets dirty, the airflow is reduced and the furnace will run for longer amounts of time in order to heat your house.

Move Your Furniture

To ensure heat is being distributed properly, check the placement of your furniture. It is important to keep your air vents clear of furniture so that your furnace works effectively.

Let the Sun Shine In

On days when the sun is shining, open up your drapes or blinds. The sunshine will not only help warm your house (free of charge!) but will also add some feel-good vibes as it beams through your windows into your home!

Lower Your Lights

With Daylight Savings ending, our evenings are dark. It is tempting to turn on every light in your home, but ensure you aren’t lighting areas in your house that are unused. Installing timers and dimmers also helps to reduce energy costs. You may also be thinking about putting up and turning on your holiday lights soon. Consider LED holiday light strings this winter, which will help save money as well.

Bundle Up

Who doesn’t love to feel snuggly and cozy? A simple act like slipping on an oversized sweater, warm socks, or slippers can help you feel super snug while also being energy efficient.

Our winters are long, but it is also a great time to spend time relaxing at home and enjoying the company of loved ones in the comfort of your home. How do you save money through the winter? Let’s chat!

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