The temperature is dropping, and leaves are falling. The smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, sweet treats have made it onto grocery store shelves. You know what this means, right? Your front porch is ready for a fall makeover. Wreaths, pumpkins, and straw bales! Oh, my! Now is the perfect time to grab your favourite pumpkin flavoured treat, browse these adorable entryways, and garner some inspiration for your own front porch.

Modern And Monochromatic

If the colours of fall, like green, orange and yellow, aren’t your aesthetic, have no fear. Are you drawn to a modern, and neutral vibe? Well, you can translate your style to your front porch by incorporating light coloured pumpkins, natural items like straw bales, or metallic planters. And, if you change your mind, adding a pop of colour after the fact is easy to do.

Pretty Pumpkins

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can never have too many pumpkins. They are easy to purchase, and can be found in all types of sizes, shapes and colours. Incorporate some complimentary coloured mums, and your porch is fall ready. Another creative way to incorporate pumpkins, and get your kids involved, is to paint them. This way, your porch includes a personal touch from every family member.

Layered Look

Good news! Layering doesn’t just apply to fashion during the fall. Add some interest and texture to your porch by using two or three mats outside your front door. Depending on your style, you can add a pop of colour using the bottom layer. Then, add a cute and welcoming mat over top.

Welcoming Wreaths

Whether you want to make one yourself, or purchase the perfect wreath for your front door, adding a wreath is an easy way to make your home more inviting. The best part is that you can change them out seasonally, which adds variety and interest to a sometimes-boring front door.

Stylish Seating

Not sure where to display those cute fall pillows, outside decor, or extra pumpkins? If you don’t have an antique chair or bench hiding in your basement, you can probably find one at a second hand store or garage sale. Give it a revamp with some sandpaper and paint, and you have the perfect accessory for your porch this fall.

Lovely Lights

Who says lights are only for Christmas time? I love the look of the white lights with the contrast of fall colours. Plus, strings of lights are perfect for the long, dark evenings during the fall season. And, this way, you (and your neighbours) can enjoy your decorating skills during the day and night.

Do you decorate your porch for fall? I’d love to see some photographs!

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