It’s that time of the year  – we are finished all our holiday celebrations, we long for sunshine, warmth, and new spring growth – but still have to face the last months of seemingly never-ending winter. It can be hard to stay positive in this kind of weather, but there are some great ways to banish those seasonal blues and create some happiness in your life!


Brighten & Lighten

When the days get dark so early, it is important to find ways to get some sunshine into your life! Get some light in your space by opening up the blinds in your house, sitting near a window, and even adding in an artificial light source can help improve your mood.


Watch What You Eat

Sugar might cause you some immediate happiness, but in the long run wreaks havoc on your body and can even promote feelings like anxiety and depression. Focus on eating whole foods to keep you balanced at this time of the year.


Get a Dawn Simulator

People who have troubles waking up in the morning this time of the year, or who have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can benefit greatly from a dawn simulator. This is a light that slowly brightens up your room over a specified time period, which helps you get out of bed and can even be an anti-depressant for those dealing with SAD.


Work Out!

January has passed, which might mean some people have fallen behind on their resolutions to work out more, but don’t stop exercising! Breaking a sweat can help improve your mood and alleviate symptoms of depression. All it takes is three hours a week of exercising and you will see great improvements! Working out, especially under a bright, light helps with mental health, lessens symptoms of depression, more energy and improved social functions.


Play That Funky Music

Put on your favorite cheerful music and watch it improve your mood! This study done in 2013 shows that just by listening to happy music and actively trying to be happier, creates a mood boost in both the long and short term.


Go on a Winter Vacation

Head out to somewhere sunny for a week and soak up the rays! A winter vacation gives you something to look forward to and be excited about, and creates a break in between all the dreary snow and slush.


Spend Time Helping Others

Give your mental health and life satisfaction a boost by heading out to a local charity and helping out. Volunteering is a great way to be involved in community, meet new people, and of course, help others in need.


Head Outside

Spending time outside has some great effects on your life: it lowers stress, reduces depressive symptoms, and even brings clarity and focus into your life. Although it might not be high on your list of things to do when it gets so cold, but heading outside for a short walk can help immensely.


Bring Positivity with Plants

Getting some green into your life with houseplants can improve your outlook on life, brighten up your space, and even reduce stress. Recommendations for hardy plants include Devil’s Ivy, Spider Plant, and Snake Plant. Head over to one of our amazing Edmonton greenhouses for more suggestions on plants that are right for your space.


Upgrade Your Home

Spend some time doing quick and small renovations in your home. Fix a few of those little issues, put up some new art, create a feature wall, and changing up some of your decor will help create focus and get your creative juices flowing!